Dr. Mehdi Bakhshaee

Subspecialty fellowship of nasal and sinus endoscopy
Ear, throat specialist, Neck and Head surgery
Ear, throat and nose Acadamic surgeon’s member of America
Europe Immunoalergic member

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Dr. Mehdi Bakhshaee

Doctor Mehdi Bakhshaee was born in Birjand in 1351.He has completed his early education in science and he was awarded a diploma and ranked the first person in the city.He took his doctoral degree in general medicine and graduated from Mashhad University of Sciences and after professional education of ear,nose and throat- Neck and Head surgery,he has graduated from the Medical Sciences university of Mashhad in 1383.in 1388 dr. Bakhshee has enroled the first course of subspecialty fellowship Rhinology (endoscopic surgery of the nose,sinusus and skull base- Rhinoplasty)Iran at Tehran University and it was completed successfully.Now doctor Bakhshaee is the lecturer of the ear,nose and throat department of Mashhad University of Medical Scinces and private patients are also receptive in his clinic.

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